Ancient Line

This is one way of demonstrating the main trunk of the Delderfield Family Tree.
It is the webmaster’s personal tree, stopping before descendants appear.

His name is thought to be Nicholas because of the names given to Richard’s oldest son and daughter. He was probably Anglo Norman. His wife was referred to as The Lady of La ffelde. He was her second husband.

2. RICHARD DE LA FFELDE, child of Nicholas.

Born after 1188 in England and died after 1220 in Glynsurd, Ireland. Thomas Fitz Adam was his half brother. Both were in the service of Prince John, later King John. Both were trained Administrators/Lawyers, trained in England by Ranulff de Granvill (in Government). Richard had 2 wives whose names are unknown. There was a mention of a Roger de ffelda, clerk, who witnessed deeds of the Archbishop of Dublin 1220-24 who may have been a son of Richard. Richard was also mentioned as de ffelda. Was also known as Hiberniensis. He spent most of his time in Ireland. Same family as William Delafeld b1330 d1399.

3. NICHOLAS DE LA FFELDE, child of Richard.

Born 1207 – 1248 in Glynsurd, Ireland and died 1256. After his father’s death he made Glynsurd his home as Chief Manor of the De la ffelds. In north central Dublin, now called Fieldstown, 787 acres and 36 perches. There is now a modern farmhouse. The graveyard, now a grove of trees, marks the chapel site.

4. HENRY DE LA FFELDE, child of Nicholas.

Born 1228 in Glynsurd, Ireland, and died 1295. Married Pornel De Shardelowe. Owned Glynsurd by 1262.

5. WILLIAM DE LA FFELDE, child of Henry and Pornel.

Born 1262 in Glynsurd, Ireland and died 1324. Married Emma. In 1283 lived in Meath the latter part of his father’s life. Coroner in parts of Finglas Co Dublin 1302, also Sheriff.

6. JOHN DE LA FFELDE, child of Wiliam and Emma.

Born 1296 in Glynsurd, Ireland and died 1351. Married Johan. Entered Glynsurd after his father’s death. Was made Sheriff of Dublin in 1326. Married Johan later.

7. WILLIAM DE LA FFELDE, child of John and Johan.

Born 1325 in Ireland. Died 1404 in Westcote. Married Letice Cotelyn. Was an attorney. His first wife’s name is unknown. Came from Ireland to Buckinghamshire about 1370. Lived at Westcote from 1374. Sons John and Robert helped with the law work and travelled with him. Name appears 105+ times in English records as Delafield, de la ffeld, de la ffelde, Delafelde, Dalafelde, Dalefeld and del ffelde. Properties in Neul-de-Boham, Manor Westcote also Bicester Manor Westcote and 1/2 virgate in Waddesdon. To cultivate this estate of 130 acres, manage the farm, attend courts and perform the service required in 3 manors was all that one man could well do, even when helped by a number of labourers and servants. He gained the property during his lifetime, it was not inherited .

LETICE COTELYN: Second wife of William De La Felde. William was her second husband.

8. ROBERT DELAFIELD, child of William and Letice Cotelyn.

Born 1370 in Westcote and died 1436. An attorney. Gained all his father’s estates on his father’s death. Later he inherited the lands in Westcote. May have had a smallholding in Leigh, Essex, not far from Bures Gifford, one of the manors belonging to the Walderns. In April 1340, was sued by his tenants who no doubt had fallen behind with their rents. Robert had cut down their grass and removed hay accruing to the same value. He would probably have arranged a test case by forcible entry as was usual. Took over his father’s law practice in 1392.

9. RICHARD DELAFIELD, child of Robert.

Born 1400 in Westcote and died abt.1483. His third wife was Elizabeth Belknap. A lawyer, apprenticed by his father Robert. His first wife Eleanor Waldern was daughter of William Waldern, Mayor and Escheator of London in 1412/13 and also 1422/23. His second wife was Joan Godstone. Rewarded for services to Royals with a grant for life to the King’s serjeant. Richard de la felde, a place called Mounte John plus 100 acres within Waltham forest in Essex (1447). Granted further lands in Essex, custody of Angre Park Manor. In October 1456 an entry reads ” William Luke, citizen & brewer of London proffers himself against Richard de la ffeld, late of Raynam, Essex a plea of debt of £10 and against Richard de la ffeld, late of London, on his wife Johan, widow of Robert Godstone, late of Raynham, a debt of £10. Sued again,1464, for debt by John Sygar, London. Sued in 1471 & 1472 by widow of Richard Alley, late alderman of London sued him by the name of Richard Delafield, late of Raynham. Did not accumulate property, seems to have spent or lost Eleanor’s property and lived on the dower estates of the other two wives. In Kings service. Escheator-county.

10. RICHARD DELAFIELD, child of Richard and Elizabeth Belknap.

Born 1435 Westcote and died after 1500. Inherited uncle Richard’s (brother of Eleanor) property. The property at Westcote was entailed and Richard lived there representing his father as an attorney. Inherited Westcote on his father’s death. In 1500, he was a juror on a panel of 23. Moved to Middlesex.

11. WILLIAM DELAFIELD, child of Richard.

Born 1470 – 1480 Westcote and died 1544. Married Elizabeth Gurney. Inherited his father’s lands. In 4.6.1503 is mentioned in two writs directed to Sherrif of Bucks. In 1520, under the name of William Delafield, constable of Westcote was taxed 10s on goods valued £20 as DLLAFELDE. Was at this time the 3rd richest man in Waddesdon.

12. RICHARD DELAFIELD, child of William and Elizabeth Gurney.

Born 1500 Waddesdon and died abt.1549 in Ashendon. Married Agness Plaisted 1530. She died 1551. His father died in 1544, and Richard went to live in Ashendon. Wealthy man of his class and locality. Provided in his will that, if his wife married again, his children might each have their property and go to their kinfolk and friends as they should think best. However, his widow died in 1551, three of his youngest went to live with relatives. After her death, the older three William, Nicholas and Joan no doubt stayed and managed the property.

13. WILLIAM DELAFIELD, child of Richard and Agness Plaisted.

Born 1538 Waddesdon and died 1588 in Waddesdon. Married ELIZABETH BOWDEN. She died 1608 Waddesdon. Inherited his father’s lands in Waddeston, but remained at Ashendon until about 1563. Moved to Waddesdon, where he obtained copyhold land, a messuage and 8/9 acres in the manor of Green End by purchase from Lord of the Manor. He became owner of about half the manor. He also had other lands and he provided that his house go to his eldest child, so it must have been on the copyhold land.

14. JOHN DELAFIELD, child of William and Elizabeth Bowden.

Born 1560 in Waddesdon and died bef.1653. Married Joan. She died 1632. Inherited lands in Westcote and copy and free land elsewhere from his father.In 1606, mentioned in a deed relating to Waddesdon in the British Museum, as being owner of lands at Waddesdon, his name spelt Dallafield. In a chancery deposition at Thame, Oxen 1641, one of the deponents is John Dallavell of Waddesdon, yoeman aged 78, no doubt the same person. In 1630 he granted by surrender in the Lord’s Court to his son William, 5 acres out of his copyhold in the manor of Green End, and he conveyed to this same son in 1648 his 4 acres of freehold in Westcote. It seems strange that he did this but his eldest son John still would inherit the remaining land and house. Hugh, his second son, died before 1648. John left no will. There is no record of his burial at Waddesdon. It seems to have been the custom to make wills when the testator felt the end approaching.

15. JOHN DELAFIELD (also DOLAFIELD), child of John and Joan.

Born 1591 and died 1662 in Waddesdon. Married Abigail Godfree 1617. She died 1668 in Waddesdon. With his wife Abigail, disposed of more than £100 in cash, a considerable sum. Father John must have died suddenly away from home. Had seizin as heir of father’s copyholding in the manor of Green End. In his will he called himself “Yoeman of Waddesdon”, dated 1662, gifts, 12 pence each of his children and gave 10s to the poor of Waddesdon. The bulk of his property was bequeathed to his wife. The will was drawn and written by his youngest brother William. Abigail left a will dated 19 May 1666.

16. DAVID DELAFIELD (DOLLAFIELD), child of John and Abigail Godfree.

Born 1636 in Waddeston and died 1670. Married Sarah Johnson of Waddesdon 1661. She was born 1634, and died 1700. Was married at age 23. He left no will. Sarah married at age 24, she left no will.

17. DAVID DELAFIELD (DOLLAFIELD), child of David and Sarah Johnson.

Born about 1665 and died 1733 in Aston Abbotts. Mentioned in 1729 as holder of a seat in church as David Dollafield.

18. DAVID DOLLAFIELD, child of David and his first wife.

Born 1700 in Aston Abbotts and died 1776 in Pitstone. Married Elizabeth Cock. Moved to Pitstone before 1727. They had nine children. One extract reads “What became of the three surviving sons is not known, but see Dorrofield of Hertfordshire in a later chapter of this work”. (NB: All nine children are identified in our ™ Family Tree Maker database).

19. ROBERT DOLLAFIELD, child of David and Elizabeth Cock.

Born 1728 in Pitstone and died 1790 in Aldbury. Married Jane Moulder 1757. She was born 1727 in Ivinghoe, and died 1775 in Aldbury.

20. ROBERT DORRAFIELD, child of Robert and Jane Moulder.

Born 1760 in Aldbury. Married Elizabeth Weedon 1786. She was born 1763 in Gaddesden. Also referred to as Dorrowfield.

21. THOMAS DORROWFIELD/DELDERFIELD, child of Robert and Elizabeth Weedon.

Born 1786 in Aldbury and died 1859 in Aldbury. Married Elizabeth Woodward 1809. She was born 1791 in Mentmore, and died 1874 in Aldbury. Baptised 1806.

22. JOSEPH DELDERFIELD, child of Thomas and Elizabeth Woodward.

Born 1830 in Aldbury, Hertford. Died 1908 in Aldbury. Married Mary Ann Scott. Baptised in 1844.

23. WILLIAM DELDERFIELD, child of Joseph and Mary Ann Scott.

Born 1855 in Aldbury, Hertford. Married Martha Stevens 1875. They moved to Tring before 1877. He died 1939 in Hemel Hempstead District.
MARTHA Stevens was born 1858 in Wilstone, Hertfordshire and died 1918 at New Mill Tring.

24. WILLIAM DELDERFIELD, child of William and Martha Stevens.

Born 1885 in Tring, Hertford and died 1959 in Otley, West Yorkshire. Married Lilly Harriott French June 26, 1909 in Register Office, Colchester, Essex.  Worked on Lord Rothchild’s Estate as a thatcher. They moved to Otley, where Lucy French, Lilly’s sister, already lived. They moved to avoid the Zeppelin Bombing. William was a private in the 1st Bedfordshire regiment, Goojeral Barracks, Colchester at the time he was married. Became at least a sergeant. Served in the wars and Home Guard. Later was recorded as a stoker. A respected gardening-judge and champion rabbit breeder. Was interred in Otley Cemetery. (Webmaster : I loved, admired and respected William, my maternal grandfather. He even bested me at snooker from time to time, groan).


General domestic servant, Colchester. Her father George H French was a mariner. An Ella French was a witness at her wedding. Lilly died December 26, 1984 in Otley. Cremated at Rawdon, her ashes were scattered over William’s grave in Otley Cemetery. (Webmaster : As a child, I remember an old man who lived next door with Lucy French in Otley. I was told he was an “ex-sea-captain”. I knew him as “gan-gan Pop”. This could have been George H French).

25. MARTHA ISABELLA FRENCH DELDERFIELD, child of William and Lilly Harriott French.

Born January 21, 1911 in Berkhampstead, Tring District, and died November 22, 1995 in Otley, W Yorks. Married JOSEPH JACKMAN DOBSON. Her ashes were scattered at Rawdon Crematorium, Nr Leeds.


Son of FRED DOBSON and ADA JACKMAN. Born November 7, 1911 and died on August 15, 1991 in Otley West Yorkshire. His ashes were scattered at Rawdon Crematorium.

26. JACK DOBSON, child of Martha Delderfield and Joseph Dobson.

Jack is your webmaster, plagiarist, collator and raconteur. There are two generations following Jack.